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Baby Leg Warmers/Leggings

Sweet Gabi 5 1/2 months


Sew Crafty Baby Leg Warmers

Welcome to one of the largest selections of baby leg warmers you will find. We carry approx. 100-200+ styles(depending on the season) in a variety of sizes and fabrics !! During the Fall through Spring months we carry Cotton, Soft Acrylic, Cashmere blends, Bamboo, and Angora with a new fabric added in here and there.


1.Makes diaper changes so much easier with no pants or shorts to take on and off.
2. Many consider them a must have if practicing EC (elimination communication).
3. Potty training is so much easier. Young child does not have to rush to take pants or shorts off when they all the sudden have to go quickly!
4. Protects soft knees while crawling indoors and outdoors. No more carpet burn red rashes!
5. Perfect for under dresses in cool weather and breezy days.
6. Actually helps to keeps socks from slipping off. Place bottom cuff of warmer over the socks and they stay put!
7. As children grow they can be great for arm warmers which are sooo popular right now with 7-10 year olds.
8. And the biggest reason leg warmers are everywhere: They are sooo cute and stylish, and you can show off your beautiful cloth diapers!

Sample picture of the `CHUB` warmers on 2 year old, 29pds and thick thighs. And yes she insisted on wearing those warmers with that diaper. :)



Normal size - 13-14 in. length and 3 in. wide. There can be small variations among styles however they are minor and will still fit accordingly. Fits approx. age 2 months to 3 years. Can fit some 4 year olds as a full leg or calf warmer.

Infants/Newborns Approx. 8-10 in. in length and 2-3 in. wide. Fits newborn to several months old, depending on child`s build.

Xtra-Long- This will be stated in the title. These are made the normal length unless requested longer...up to 20 in. in length and 3 in. wide. Great for older children approx 3+.

CHUB - The are specially designed for those extra chubby babies. The upper cuff has lots of give and stretch to fit big thighs.

**NOTE** Any normal or even XLong size can be taken down to any length you want..even 9 in. for a infant.

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